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2001-05-31 22:32:01 (UTC)


Hey hey people!!
well.. im a boy from norway who plays in a punkrock ska
band called "MCDOLLY"
i want people to know about us, all around the world!!:)

we are a 4 piece band, and we dig bands like, me first and
the gimme gimmes, blink 182, no use for a name, goldfinger,
reel big fish, rancid, greenday, offspring and more more
more dude:) .. well know u know alittle bit what stle we

we have mp3's on the internet, but alot of the sites are
down:( but you may find us on napster!!

we ahve a web site.. but its not finish yet.. but soon.. u
can check it out once in a while on:

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