ahoy hoy
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2002-04-29 06:57:14 (UTC)

blah blah blah

Well am supposed to be typing a paper, and am not. I have
been in the library since one 1:00 its about to be 3 and I
have gotten nothing done. I have three paper due on
Monday as we all know, and I have to wake up hella early
to baby sit. The only good thing about his all is that
after Monday I have nothing due, and I have no classes. On
Thursday morning I have test and that’s that. Am free.

I wish I had money to get a tattoo to treat myself. Well
one good thing about his all is that am not coming back
next year. Am sad because I got to know a lot off cool and
nice people, and am going to miss hanging out with my
friends and stuff like that. L but oh well.

Ahh my head hurts, I was going to say that I was hungry
but am really not, I just want to leave. Its kind of sad
that I didn’t get any work done. I guess that am not
getting any sleep tonight. Oh well whatever. I should have
gone with Mary at least then I would have an excuses for
not getting any work done.

Yesterday was a shitty day it was weird. I woke up went to
brunch went to my room, wasted time on line, elaine came
and visited, then I went to her room, she was out of it ,
and I was out of it so we decided we were going to take nap
so I went to my room, my sister called me we talked for
like 30 minutes, then I hanged up the phone and took a
nap. All I remember is that I laid my head on the pillow
and I was out.
Next thing I know I wake up, I noticed that it was dark I
figured that it was early, since I took my nap like at 3
in the afternoon, I stretch and am reaching for the phone
and I look at the clock its 2 am, I just put the phone
down , shake my head and I say, “shit”. I could not
believe that slept so much it was only supposed to be
short nap, but soon after that I just shrugged my
shoulders and went back to bed might as well, right?

Funny thing is that I didn’t wake up again until 11 just in
time for brunch. Which was nasty. Ah am so tired of the
food here its so nasty, just horrible, and it makes you
gain weight , even though you don’t eat a lot, its some
gross stuff.

Hey I can steal the lights from the library, I never need
to buy light bulbs again. Score, ( hehehe) I just turned
it off so the bulb cools down so I can take it with me
This is great. I feel so gross to day. I woke up feeling
hella ugly,( you know what I mean) I didn’t even get
dressed am in my pg’s its in the afternoon and am in my
pg’s yup that’s nice but at the same time it makes me feel
frumpy oh well am comfy, and its not like there are guys
around, and I really don’t feel like getting hit on by
women thank you very much bit no thanks.

I need a drink….oh my god… I feel so fat today, it’s the
worst feeling ever, all my cloths fits so I know I haven’t
gained any weight. None of my clothing has gotten any
tighter. you know when you get that feeling and you feel
completely blah yeah tats how am feeling right now. Not
good not good at all.

Am sooo bored….. So so so so bored, I feel like
vandalizing or breaking something. Oh well.

I want a pug. A little black pug. Oh oh my sister has a
boyfriend it think its so cute. She told me yesterday.
Some boy named Dante, I think it’s a neat name,( and if
you are all wondering yes he is black)
Anyways I think its cute. I hope he isn’t a punk ass. I
will be really disappointed if he is. Because I know that
my sister has more sense than to go out with some dumb ass
boy. But anyways. Ahh I have to pay my phone bill tomorrow
$75 L stupid bills, I have so me late ass library books. I
owe the library like $200. They think the books are lost or
something hopefully they will lower the amount when I do
turn in the books. If they don’t they are going to be
disillusioned because am not paying then $200 dollar
because those books are not even worth that much, they are
all paperbacks, so they can kiss my cheap ass. Stupid
library, no let me rephrase that, “stupid Mills Library”
there that sounds better. Hmmm I really should try to get
some work done, I could have typed at least 2 pages instead
of writing in this journal, oh well.
Tata ^_^