I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-04-29 04:57:40 (UTC)

100th Entry!!

Either I should win a prize for updating so often, or I
should be taken out and shot for the same reason. Is that
a good thing, or a bad thing? 100 entries? What do 'ya
think? Well, let's see. Did homework for my brother,
becoming even more obsessed with John Mayer, and he rocks.
Just in case I haven't told you guys that enough yet.

Okay, well, the English language is odd. I mean, this is
how I see it. Take the word love. We don't have any other
word for love. You can love waffles, your dog, the color
purple (or pink of you're Mackenzie), John Mayer's music,
your parents, your family, and Pete (in my case) and all
of those listed above are different typed of love. I mean,
I don't love Pete like I love the color purple. Completely
different. Thus, loving someone, and being IN love are
completely different as well. I love my dad, but I'm IN
love with Pete. Well, I love Pete too, but I'm definately
not IN love with my dad. Ewww. Gross.

Still hot here. As if that's any big news. Tomorrow is
Monday. What's next on my list of time wasters? We'll just
have to wait out and see till tomorrow.