a rop through my mind....
2002-04-29 04:39:28 (UTC)

5 more days............

5 more days of classes, 7 days till i'm a junior (class day
is sunday....ANOTHER sage tradition, but it's good, though
bittersweet) i'm really ready for summer, i think deciding
to stay in troy was a good decision, i need to see what it
will be like to be out on my own, this isn’t' like having
an apartment, but it's the next step, i have to pay rent
and for food and stuff, and get a job (which i would do
anyway). yes i will miss everybody back home, but i can
visit [i should start spell checking my might
help..] and they can visit. and if things don't work out
at all, i can always come back home. Gabe may not be the
guy i marry, but there is no sense in not getting into a
fairly serious relationship.

RDI count for the weekend: happy to report, none, though
there is a bruse that is unacounted for, but that showed up
friday, so it's not from this weekend, nor is it prolly a

this was probably my last weekend of partying for a bit,
and i did enjoy it.

going home on friday for my mom's birthday so NH crew: i'll
catch up with you guys.....or something....

in other news: no, there really isn't much.....and this is
the end.