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2002-04-29 04:25:00 (UTC)

New projects

Well, the evening that the last 4 years of my life were
building up to has come and dance teacher should
never be a lighting tech. Its sourly disappointing when
somebody screws up your work, then blames you for it...not
to mention dismisses it with a smile, saying "I did
everyone else's perfectly!" Does it look like I really
care? If everyone else's was great, why not mine?

But I have new projects underway, choreographing and such.
I have ideas all over the place, now all i need is time to
structure them. I found someone that may let me teach
them...a dancer to mold, to form. Excellent....mwahahaha...
Seriously....think of the choreographic possibilities of a
marionette-type character. I can't wait.