Sofia JH

Gospel Accordingly
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2002-04-29 04:12:09 (UTC)

Day At Mall

Mrs. Flessner, formerly known as Beth,and I took to the
mall today. We always go looking for unusual stuff and
found a hat surrounded in yellow fluff. I suggested we
stake out to see who would buy such a catastrophe, but
that would take of too much time that we spend talking
about our non-existent love lives. besides we have school
to go to. We decided also to write a story based on the
animated life of Landros Jones. He is the most interesting
big black boy. If you talk to him, he will tell you all
sorts of stories about having episodes of speaking in
tongues or run ins with people at bus stops in the summer.
He doesn't have very many friends, but Landros isn't like
most people would be in his situation. He's loud and he
voices his thoughts, which are twisted to the extreme, and
proclaims God to be his best friend. Yeah, I would make
millions writing his story. And i'm sure everything he
told me would be exaggerated because he's that type of
person. But I like him.