Procrastination is Key
2002-04-29 03:57:20 (UTC)

road trip

So I went back home with michael this weekend- it was fun to
go to the beach- even if the weather didn't really
cooperate. Also, there is the problem that the poor thing is
sick and was tired a lot of the time. I did get to met his
doggy though- sweet big brown lab called george- aww:-p He
was nice but I am still partial to my Bear- I mean, he's
been my baby since I was in first grade! I miss him:-p This
week should be fun- only one class on mon and tue and 2 on
wed- but then it ends on friday when I have my first exam -
YUCK. I have four exams 3 of which are all in 4 days and
then the next one isn't until ANOTHER whole 4 days later-
but it is my hardest one so maybe that will be a good thing-
I just have to make sure I take advantage and use the time I
have to study a lot- however I know I will be feeling like
packing up my stuff to get the heck out of here! think mom
is coming tue or wed to get a preliminary load of crap so we
don't have to load and take it all home at once, so that
will be a lot of one day taken up- but it'll be ok- some
breaks are good:-p time for bed soon- was hoping to talk to
jack but I am getting some noncooperative-ness; don't have
to get up til about 8:30 though: YAY:-)