Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2002-04-29 03:51:03 (UTC)


JCL Convention was this weekend. I went, even though I'm
not actually in Latin this year (hey, I did take 3 years of
it). I've gone all four years of high school, and this is
my last one (yet another last... this senior thing is
getting kinda depressing). It went so fast this year... it
didn't seem like we really even did anything. We sat
around a lot, and played a LOT of cards, which was really
fun friday night, (we were laughing so hard playing kemps
and the name game and spades) (Stephanie and I are talking
about it great it is. The whole atmosphere is
just great, and you have all your friends around, and g and
toda trust you enough to let you do your own thing, and as
long as you show up for the things youre responsible for,
they give you free reign.) Sarah, Mike, Brant, Anish and I
hung out a lot, and we played cards with Megan, Joey and
April. I got to know a lot of the underclassmen too.
Saturday was a lot of fun... (tiring though; muscles I
didnt even know I had are hurting). We did Ludi
basketball, and even though we lost (our team was rather
scanty) I played pretty well, and it felt so good to play
agian. I even had my own cheering section on the
sidelines, and I have no idea who they were, but it was
prety cool. We also did the chariot race, and the girls
came in third, and the guys came in first (Jamke and Paul
should be happy, or maybe not, since it's the year they
werent here that we won), and we did the tug-of-war, and
got our asses kicked. And then everyone sat around a lot
more... it was so hard to get anyone to DO anything.
Although there was "mud wrestling"... which started with
Tiffany and Lily, and ended up involving pretty much
everyone (including me). It was absolutely hilarious, and
made for some very interesting pictures. I played Red-
Rover (organized by emma's brother fred, who was pretty
cool), which I havent played in years.. of course, I was
the only upper-classman, so it felt kinda weird. Then I
went to "That's Entertainment", and ended up sitting next
to Mike, and we talked and stuff (I even got to see him
sing)... which brings me to: I still have no idea how I
feel about him. If anything, convention confused me more.
It was great to spend time with him, but he's so hard to
read. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have feelings for me, but
sometimes I think I see something in his eyes, and I just
don't know. And he and Brant are so much alike in certain
ways... they have different personalities, but sometimes
I'll see some of the things I really like about Mike in
Brant, too, and that's also really confusing. I don't
know... even if I do figure out how I feel about him, I
have no idea what I'd want. I just know that I want to
spend more time with him.

I should be working on "The List", since I only started
tonight, but I'll procrastinate some more... I need to
think about stuff.

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