2002-04-29 02:56:06 (UTC)

nothing much

This past weekend was my high school's prom. I didn't go.
I wanted to but then i didn't. I didn't really want to
spend that much money and the girl i origanlly wanted to
ask, got assked first so i really didn't bother much after
that. I worked saturday night instead. a boring might
indeed. After work at stopped by My friends house to see
everyone who went to prom. For some reason i just felt
like shit. From then on till now which is sunday night i
don't know why. I snuck outta the movies at about 530 this
afternoon and Just went for one of my drives. I ended in
union, sc. Then made my way home, also stopping by the New
HUGE dorman. I found an entrence and drove all the way
around it. It's goign to be huge. The football stadium is
coming along quite well. My friend called me and i didn't
answer while i was driving. It was about 645 i was spose
to met them at capris to eat then i didn't show up till
710 she called twice but i didn't anwser. During
dinner everyone Tried to figure out what was wrong with
me. Why wasn't i takling? They think im on drugs or did
something. I have never done drugs and i didn't smoke or
drink anything i just really didn't want to talk. I
don't want to be here i don't want to be anywhere. I
just wish i had Gobs of money so i could go drive somewhere
FAR away. Just drive too the west coast and start over. I
think that as soon as this week will be over, Ill be set.
at the end of this coming week....20 days remain in
school, Im driving to see Incubus, and Hoobastank and
saturday im hanging with My favorite band, Dezeray's Hammer
as i take my first road trip as the roadie saturday =) I
really can not wait till that happens. Im hanging out
with the band. Never thought that i'd be doing something
like this. SO maybe when the weekend comes, Ill be happy
and talking again. Right now, im going to try and sleep

Feel Good music today would be Dezeray's hammer. The ONLY
Band that i can listen to that makes me smile when i am at
my lowest point. anything by These guys makes me feel good