crackheads thoughts
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2002-04-29 02:53:41 (UTC)

u people!!!

well im back, and i have lots 2 say. well i had aec friday
and i had it with jon and ashley pedigo. it waz kool i
talked 2 jon more than i did ashley b/c she kept gettin in
trouble by ms. evil woman. but brandon is talkin 2 me agin.
thats just not right and he is only talkin 2 me b/c him and
jenny r broke up or they aint doing so good, so im just a
pice of meat that they throw around. but anyway i dunno.
jon and kristy aint doin so good even though she dont know
that, jon is fixin 2 brake up with her 4 shana...or 2 try
and get shana which shana and cody broke up at my b-party,
so its been a while since then. but jon really likes shana
and i just dont think that shana would ever take jon even
though shana is a lot better 4 jon than kristy. but kristy
is kool dont get me wrong she just wants 2 be a prep and go
with a punk rock star.but anyway i gots 2 go 2 see what
dumb butt brandon wants 2 talk bout now.but
i wont take him 2 ya l8er bu-bye