a little piece of me
2002-04-29 02:48:16 (UTC)

for the love of god, no more pride and prejudice!

blah, i say. i've gotten about half way through that damn
book. have to finish it by tomorrow night. enough is
enough! i mean, ack. it's so boring. i fell asleep after
about an hour into it. slept for a couple of hours, then
tried to read some more. ended up making my bed, and
checking my email, then read a little before x-files (will
address that in a minute...grumble). i don't have to go to
metals tomorrow because i finished my bracelet last week,
so that will give me three extra hours to goof off, i mean
read, tomorrow. i should be able to get it done. i damn
well better. might read a bit more tonight. prolly not,
though hehe.

ok, now to x-files. did those people (namely chris carter
and mr. duchovny) really think they could make die hard x-
files fans think that was mulder? ha! no way in hell.
first off, even if they did use david (yes, first name
basis here, especially after tonight's episode) himself,
they wouldn't have been able to pull it off. too
suspicious. namely for the reasons given. besides, the
guy looked too much like spender, so it was way too
obvious. eh, i need a life. they're going to bring mulder
back for the final episode. now don't get me wrong, i
absolutely love mulder, but gimme a fuckin break!! david
needs to make up his mind. he left the show because he
said it was too much of the same ol alien conspiracy stuff,
then he turns around and directed tonight's episode. now
he's coming back? urgh.

alright, one final thing before i shut the hell up for
tonight. i've been reading someone's entries for a few
weeks now. scary how much she reminds me of, well, me.
she's such a great kid. really shouldn't say kid. she's
more of an adult than a lot of adults i know. blew me away
when i found out she was only 14. she's really sweet and
smart, and i'm working on helping her to see just how cool
and great she is. hopefully one day she'll come around.
unfortunately, took paxil for me to see a little self worth
(although i'm sure that's just the paxil talking. i still
know i'm scum :D). paxil and a turtle anyway. that boy is
fucking awesome. really. i swear.

ok, ok, so i said one more thing. so i'm going to hush up
now. nighty night everyone.