It smells like poop over here
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2002-04-29 02:44:50 (UTC)

so i guess you took my youth, and gave it all away

everyone seems to stereotype pantera as just metal dudes
screaming into mics...you know, which they are, but they're
more than that. just listen to "cemetary gates" and you'll
know what im talking about.
i have a warped mind. giulia likes me, and i know that.
so what do i do? flirt with her, and put thoughts in her
mind and talk sexual. and of course, when we wrestle/fight,
i flick her tits and hit her in them. but she hits me in
the pecks first, so i guess...i don't have an excuse, cause
there is none. but she needs to leave me alone for a little
bit. according to everyone in the free world, she's in love
with me, so i can understand her wanting to be with me, i
was in love once too. but at times, i just need to be away
from her. she can get annoying and bothersome. i kinda
think she makes up stories about what happens at her house
just so she can come to mine, or stay at mine. and usually
when she sleeps over, she says, "are you gonna sleep down
her or in your room?" i like to sleep in my room. perhaps
im being selfish, in fact i know i am, but in order for me
to feel the way about her she does about me, i need to
spend time away from her so i won't take for granted the
time we have together. i wouldl like to go out with giulia,
i really would, she's practically everything i need and
want and could imagine a...wife...being. i have a weird
thing with bigger girls, she's got that. i just don't feel
the same way about her as she appearantly does me. i just
need to pass the cemetary gates.