The Thoughts of A Writer
2002-04-29 02:25:26 (UTC)

Sweaty and Loving it!

I just got out of rehursal and I am all sweaty. I
think I might go jump in the pool! Nah, it's freezing! I'll
just shower. I love to keep myself clean man! My friend, A
to the T to the HONY, is saying I am gross but, I am just
clean. I wish everyone was like that. I know some pretty
grody people, I just keep my distance.

I took this really wierd quiz last night to see which
JC Chasez body part I would be. I got his tounge. Imagine
that! In second place, was none other than his crotch. I
don't even want to know how that happend. I'll take some
more and post my results. Would that be rockin?

Well, I better go. I'll write tomorrow. L8r!

Angie the DIVA

Music: A water hose