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2000-10-20 04:32:17 (UTC)

Dear Diary, Well, here is my..

Dear Diary,
Well, here is my very first entry into this online diary. I may
as well tell you about myself before I jump into my day. I am E
and I am 17. I also live in San
Francisco and go to college in San Mateo. I work at a movie rental
place. Okay, okay, enough boring stuff. Here goes.
I got off the phone with Paulo about, oh, half an hour ago. He's
my boyfriend. I like him A LOT, I think that I may love him, but I
don't want to say anything yet. I think I'll save it for our six
month anniv. Today was our four month anniversary. Whoo-hoo!! We
are officially a long-term couple. : ) He and his brother played me
two songs on their guitars, "All Around the Watchtower" and "Heaven's
Door." They play really well.
I also went to work today. It was an okay day, excpet my feet
hurt by the end of it. This girl named Angeline works with me and
she makes things pretty fun. The only reason I work is to make money
and do something productive, I mean, they're good enough reasons, but
my heart's not really into my job, but then again, I'm not saving the
world so I don't feel bad about it or anything. Well, I'm sure this
entry is really boring to you.
Okay, some 'deep' stuff. I think that I am really maturing, and I
think that other people can tell. I'm controlling my compulsive liar
side and I am more patient with life, and what
life offers me now and things like that. Also, I take school a
little more seriously. Whatever. I haven't changed that much, but I
think I will be happier than I have been in the days to come. : )
By the way, if anyone wants to email me who's reading this go
ahead . Later,