Autumn Always
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2002-04-29 02:10:34 (UTC)

Writing moods...

Oh god the spring is here again,
it feels like tragedies I've had,
and I've been sleeping for 11 years now,
how it makes me want to run...
leave to find my sacred grounds,
of tombs and skies vermilion hued,
my nails aren't even painted and still I feel the aching,
past in places once worth walking begging for my feet again,
my heart throbs hard the sense of taking,
just a moment, not my earthly feet,
sweet past for only there they wander,
the sun a false pretense of warmth,
and still the day is cold,
constant battle cries within, like angel wars I've seen,
heart to heart so young and old,
wich one is real wich one is now?
Go I walk a different path and dream of springtimes so long