a dusty book in a forgotten hole
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2002-04-29 01:47:10 (UTC)

in time they'll all die anyway

lets see.. i wasited a week of my life.. it was great.. i
did nothing.. it was good.. my grades are gogin tobe quite
horrid this quarter.. i jstu dont care anymore.. i actaly
dont care about much.. there is little my motehr can do
that i care about anymore. she already thinks i am an
embaressmnet adn a failure so what have i got to loose? ..
ha this is geting to me.. the woman is annoying. she thinks
so litlte of me and excpetects me to do well. hmm.. i hope
i get hat job.. other wise i really wont be able to apy for
the therapist.. even if i do get teh job proabbly wont be
able to ..damn..well now this is quite a predicamet.. my
parents wont send me..i wish to go.. hmm. so bascily .. a
wise friend did inform that if i do kill someone with a
random object like say.. a spork.. the state after putting
me in juvi would proabbly provided a therapist for me..
tehehhe that woudl be amsuing.
at least there are a few epople who stillc are for me.. and
the rest well. .in time they will al die anyway

bye bye
Tar (your friendly litle cynic)

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