Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
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2002-04-29 01:34:01 (UTC)

Trika's Home!!!

Hey everybody. I skipped skool friday. *Insert giant
grin* I went to the beach for the weekend with my friend
Erin and her family, and her mom's friend Dee Dee. It was
really fun. Nice and relaxing. Want to know my favourite
part? Thursday night, awards night. I was so happy!!! I
got a leadership award, and also, IM A CAPTAIN!!! HA HA! No
more 1st sergeant Bott!!! Im a ma'am now. :-D I have 3
disks, Im almost as high as it gets. :-D I used to get
mocked for my rank- not any more. Im the s-1, otherwise
known as I believe, the public operations officer. I
think. Lol. I dunno, I wasnt there friday. Lol. But up
on stage, gawsh, I almost cried. I was so happy!!

And I still am. To the point where I came home, and mom
was drunk *now passed out on the couch* and I dont really

I got home, and shes like, why dont you go to college in
state? I DONT WANNA! Lol.

I called Stitzel right when I walked in because I guess
were not playing that gig because its in 2 weeks and we
havent practiced. Oops. Lol.

I am SOOOO sunburnt. Lol. And I look mexican. Lol.

Im happy, cept that little pea sized dark spot in my heart
where matt should be... I miss him.

I love you matt, and you too marie and huggles. I NEED TO