The Chronicles of My Life
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2002-04-29 00:26:57 (UTC)

This bites. Vancouver blew it...

This bites. Vancouver blew it. If the ungliest guy in the
NHL wouldn't have gotten a hat trick, Detroit may not be
moving on. Argh. At least Phili is out. Ever since they
beat Pitsburg in that 6 overtime game a year or two ago, I
just can't stand them. New York just scored on Toronto.
Maybe they do have a chance at a Stanley cup. It would be
so weird if they won it. NY has won the super bowl and
almost the World Series already this year. It's a lot
tougher to win Lord Stanley's cup though. 16W or bust :)
This is cheap. McLaren is only out for the rest of the
series for clotheslining Zednik. That's only one more
game, seeing as that Montreal is going to waste Boston
tomorrow. If you're sick of me rambling on about hockey,
deal with it. That's what you get for reading the diary of
somebody whose screen name thing is HOCKEYDUDE9. Does
anybody really read this? I don't see the point in it.
I'm really bored. Until Later.