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2002-04-29 00:15:40 (UTC)

things just keep getting better.....

Well, i think that things with me are getting better. by
with me i mean me personaly. i have not been feeling to
depresed in the last two weeks. i was on friday but that is
because i found out that my mom is having some health
problems and i am really worried about her. i was really
sad but rosie came over and talked to me and i felt A LOT
better. Rosie, tony , eric, my sister and me went to see a
movie yesterday and today i went to the mall with kelly. i
have missed doing things with my friends. my mom is been
pretty good at letting me do things latly so that is really
nice for me. i hope that are not still to mad at me for
doing what i did. i am mad at myself but that is besides
the point. Things with tony and me have been ok. he seems
to be trying to be nicer to me. i can think of a couple of
times that he would have gotten all pissy and mad but he
didn't. he just told me what was going on so that helps. i
don't think that he wants to be with me all the time. he
just likes to flirt and be touch-feely with other girls to
much. sometimes i wonder if he wouldn't just be happer
being single. i don't know though. when i talk to him about
it he says that he loves me and all of that stuff. i am
going to try not to let it bother me. Oh, rosie and eric's
one year is comming up. i am really happy for them. rosie
seems so happy with him. i like to see her happy. i'm gonna
go now.

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