No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-04-28 23:23:18 (UTC)

what have I been up to?

wow, I haven't written in a while. Sorry to all those who
read my diary and don't mind hearing from my pathetic
excuse for problems. lol.
Friday was a pretty good day. I think there might be hope
for Nick and Jessica. I really hope Jess isn't left in the
dark (no pun intended) about everything. I just at home
talkign to Mark and Chris Friday night. Chris was suppose
to come over, but then his parents were "being stupid".
Nothing exciting.
Saturday morning I had a car wash for JROTC. I got there at
8:30AM and it ended at 2PM. It was long, but it really
wasn't that bad. I stubbed my toe adn cut my foot open
somehow. My feet and hands got burnt, especially my feet,
but it's tan now. Afterwards, I went home and took a
shower. Then I went over to Jessica's house. We were out
walking around some sand piles and an old guy on a moped
was behind us. We ran adn I ran straight down in quick mud
and got stuck for a mintue. Now Jessica calls me mud.
CHERRY! Anyways, my shoes and pants were all mud it was
Today Jessica, her Mom, her Aunt and I went to Brandon
Mall. Jess and I got these bear things. You stuff them
yourself and put a wish inside them. It's really cool. I
also got something else. (Jess, you know this one)lol.
That was my weekend. It was good. I'm glad I am starting to
hang out with Jessica more. I missed it.
Ok i'll shut-up. bye!

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