Good morning, penguins!
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2002-04-28 23:00:09 (UTC)

Trip (yesterday)

Got up around 6, had to leave at 7. In the car for an hour
or 2. We were going to Charles Town, West Virginia. Not
Charleston, the state capital, but Charles Town. My mom
was doing kid crafts at an event there. (at "The Old Opera
House", for anyone who knows where this is.) There was a
publicity problem, so not many people came. Got lunch at
the Liberty Street Carry Out. I had a grilled ham and
cheese sandwich. It was excellent. When nobody was at the
event, we entertained ourselves and did the activities with
a friend who lives in Harpers Ferry, nearby. They were at
the event do do a poetry workshop, which nobody came to.
My mom won a raffle for a gold bracelet. On a Geographical
note, Harpers Ferry is where Maryland, Virginia, and West
Virginia meet. Two rivers join and become the Potomac, and
there is a place where you can stand on the West Virginia
side (upstream from both rivers) and look across the rivers
and see Virginia on the right and Maryland on the left.
Charles Town is slightly south of there, near the Virginia
border. Harpers Ferry is where John Brown (an
abolitionist) captured the armory and tried to lead a slave
revolt. He was captured, and was hanged for treason in
Charles Town. We spent the night with those friends (the
ones who live there, not John Brown), and discovered that
they have Age of Empires 2. It is very cool. I will talk
about it in the next entry. They also have a cat named
Isis (pronounced EYE-sis), after the Egyptian goddess.
She is a pure black cat with bright green eyes. The house
had a lot of people in it that night: The friend, us, The
friend's son and his fiancee, and 2 others. The son had
brought his dog, Chance, who was nice. One of the 2 other
people brought her 20-pound cat, Miguel, a brown tabby.
This was a very fat cat. Two phrases meaning "fat", which
come from Daniel Pinkwater (an author)
are "circumferentially challenged" and "diametrically
disadvantaged". Both apply to this cat.