Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-04-28 22:40:49 (UTC)

You choose you life and the way..

You choose you life and the way you want it to go but what
if you choose the perfect guys for you and he doesnt see
you like that?! I dont know what to do about it. But
sometimes I really never want to care. what about that
saying "go for what you have in front of you"

Today is really weird in everything that it is. I think I
am in love with my friend who I totaly cant get over but I
hate having these feeling because I did just as my saying
says and I went for what was right in front of me. And Me
and *G* have been talking a lot but I dont even know if he
feels that way for me but I seem to have fallen for him
really bad. But all this time he wants my best friend and
not me. I dont kn ow anymore. I really dont know what to
talk about besides that because that is all that is on my
mind is what a fool I am for falling for him. *C* says he
loves me but *c* and *g* are really good friends and that
is another thing that keeps him from me. But all I can say
is There is nothing to say. Everything will be perfectly
fine when I calm down and start to be happy...
ahahahahahahahaha! Oh yea

HI JENN! How are you? ahahahaha! Another shout out to my

All right now I am over it so I will talk to you later
guys. And whoever is reading this, peace and dont fall into
the same sort of mind I am in.

One more note in case I didnt make it clear.... : I LOVE