.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2002-04-28 22:27:35 (UTC)

sing me to sleep

im tired and
i want to go to bed
sing me to sleep
and then leave me alone
dont try to wake me in the morning
cause i will be gone
dont feel bad for me
i want you to know
deep in the cell of my heart
i will feel so glad to go
sing me to sleep
i dont want to wake up
on my own anymore.

the irony i feel in my life right now is overwhelming and
this song is the catharsis of my entire situation. asleep
by the smiths, i laugh to my self. this is surreal. am i
really listening to this song right this second and feeling
this way, yes i am. but the reasons, (im shaking my head in
disbelief) maybe they will be settled tonight, maybe not.
maybe i get the anxiety of 5 days until friday.

i was so sad for bryse. last night and today, her father.
her LJ, it was real rough, im glad she worked things out
with her mom, last night was one of the weirdest/scarriest
nights of my life. how much i love my mom, i cant even
express. shes freaking amazing. she totally saved us last
night, it could have been bad, say, if i had to call my
dad, or someone worse.

so how bout if i stop bringing every one down and write
some positive stuff.

most memorable/fun/crazy of 2002 so far.

1. spring break (period)
2. lolly obnoxious
3. zac collins and clint eastburn ( sister)
4. eric marcinazyn ( hellaware)
5. ernie goldner and friends. (but really just ernie)
6. 3rd period study hall ( Gabe)
7. alyssa truszkowski ( drama)
8. Tom Martin ( the new dance show)
9. delaware.
10. live journals. (paris twins)

so there it is. everything on that list makes me smile. so
weve had some fun times, bryse and i. were so close and i
love it. i always have somthing to tell you, no matter how

momento made me question reality. and it blew my mind.

ray acres just signed online, weird.

sam williamson. my saftey net. telephone calls at midnight
and comforting words. if only. no i wont say it. haunting
memories of the brand new show at the girls inc that makes
me so sad. how i feel so far away from the person i was 5
months ago. maybe things will get better. maybe.

the girls boy, alicia, shannon, gucks and alyson,
amazing. supportive. rediculous. im taken aback by our
friendship. im a jerk.

love. all.