What you never knew
2002-04-28 22:17:44 (UTC)


haha sunbird. that might be the car that i get. i kinda
hope so cause that would be cool. but yea moving on. im
sitting here thinking like i always am. i hate
just complicates things way too much. yesterday when i went
to matts house i read his journal thingy. it started a week
or so after him and i started goin out. i think he still
had feelings for her. he kept saying how he was worried
about what shes gonna do or think since him and i are going
out and all this. it kinda hurts because i mean..i dunno
its just like, WE were going out and he still liked her or
had residual feelings for her. i mean i cant be mad or hate
him or ne thing for what he was feeling because you cant
help the way you feel but i dunno it just bothers me. i
mean its like he says he loves me and hes never felt this
way before but at the same time its like he still had
feelings for another girl. and like now ive mentally made
the decision to give up my virginity to him because i love
him so much and because all the feelings are there and i
WANT him so bad lol. but like,i dunno, does he still have
these feelings for he as much in love as i am..i
dunno im just being stupid but i cant help but wondering. i
know he loves me so i dont know what im even talkign bout
so im just gonna stop now before i hurt myself lol. peace.