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2002-04-28 22:06:57 (UTC)

last weekend for real this time...

okay so there wasnt any partying taking place this
weekend...well except for thursday at the Wayside...but I
did get to hang out with Erin all day friday which was nice
and relaxing, and then I went home SAturday :) My mom and
I hung out pretty much the entire day which was great and
then I went out with Trish and Erika for a bit...had a not
so nice phone call and then went home to bed...This morning
I ran in my forst 5K run!! I took second in my age group,
so I was pretty impressed :) My next goal...BOSTON
MARATHON :) Okay by the time I am 30...not like
tomorrow or anything..hehe :) Now its off to the study study so hopefully these exams all go
smoothly! Good luck everyone :)