Life of Joolz
2001-05-31 17:21:04 (UTC)

Thursday 31st May 2001

Never did get to finish yesterday's diary off-too
knackered. Having said that couldn't get to sleep for a
while but did in the end. Was up at 5.15 this morning and
it was quite cold. Brightened up a bit though and when I
came home after work it was sunny blue skies again.
Was busy and complicated at work-I got 3 hard cases to do
and my head's done in today. A lot of the others are on
leave. What a laugh we had re Amsterdam-Debs wants her hen
night there so hello Amsterdam again--and by mesenn too.
Can't wait! That's if she DOES get married.

Got weighed-8st11lbs!! happy now-my tums flat again.

Just prepared another lovely salad of iceberg lettuce,
olives, watercress and vine tomatoes with pesto mayonnaise,
to go with organic cheese and mushroom pizza. Am dead
hungry today-only had 250 calories all day so can stuff
mesenn tonight. Just having a bottle of WKD Vodka Blue-
tastes funny but a change I suppose.

Sue emailed us as she wants fotos-pleaded on email to send
her them-she got out of hospital same day and is sore but
off back to work tomorrah-she's mad! Gets biopsy results in
6 weeks. vanessa says she's poorly with sore throat and has
missed her Intensive care placement-she finishes for 5
weeks tomorrow-lucky devil.

My hair is growing fast now and looks better with longer
length on top-gonna keep it and colours lovely now it's
been washed a few times (used light beige blonde this time
instead of golden blonde)

Popsie's sore's crusted over-hope it goes.
Gonna have to do some online banking now and pay me bills
as it's payday today!!! Nowt much left over this month but
have enough to go away when I'm off in July if I want.
Should save it really and Ron is dead against going
anywhere except Bradford in any case-why? I want anywhere
but Bradford for Gods sake. What a load of bolox-Bradford versus
Ibiza-not likely mate.

Just realised the clock on this website is ONE HOUR SLOW! Supposed to
be GMT and all!! Humphh..