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2002-04-28 19:52:33 (UTC)


Well, I’m back. We (The Theater Team) have just finished
our first weekend of “The Sound of Music” I was surprised
on how well it went of. My expectations were low, but I
find the lower the expectations, the greater feeling of the
actual performance. I missed a cue opening night, due to a
complex costume change, and I missed a whistle cue and a
line last night. Those are not very big mistakes, but I am
a bit of a perfectionist, so I was very upset with myself.
My dad went to opening night, and afterward he came up
to me and gave me a hug and told me that he was very proud
of me. My dad, proud. . .of me. The only overweight son of
his, the only one who doesn’t really care for the sports
that he has lived by. That was very shocking for me to
hear. Shelly came both nights, but opening night we only
had about half an hour, so it was kind of weak. But last
night we had a little over an hour. I was up in Mr.
Augustine’s room and I was talking to Gloria and Jerry when
Shelly came in and sat next to me. Then, Jessica came up
with some pizza and everyone else left. It was just me and
Shelly in the classroom, we were both eating a slice of
cheese pizza from Dominoes, which isn’t the best cheese
pizza, but it was good. For the first time ever, I got full
after eating just one slice, I don’t know if it was my
nerves being there with her alone. Anyway, we were alone
and the song “When A Man Loves A Woman” started. Talk about
coincidence, or maybe fate, I don’t know. I was about to
start speaking when a crowd of people came in and attacked
the pizza. Damn.
Trino has become infatuated with a 14 year old 8th
grader, which I don’t approve of, but I wont deny that she
is attractive. (Not beautiful, but attractive [I promise to
explain soon]) Her name is Katie. They were getting so
close and they seemed to be hitting it off pretty well.
Trino was going to ask her out on a date, but I saw him
sitting by himself, and he looked very upset. I asked him
what was the matter and he said, “Pecker-head is moving in
on my Kool-Aid.” I had no idea what he was talking about,
but I looked over to Paul “pecker-head” Reed, and sitting
next to him was Katie. Paul has a history of talking to a
girl that someone else likes and tearing the guy (in this
case, Trino) down and in the process, lifting himself up.
Seeing this and hoping it wasn’t too late, I sprang into
action. I went over and requested Katie’s presence on the
dance floor. Paul immediately countered by verbally
attacking me in Katie’s ear, I brushed it aside and
insisted that she come with me. Mr. Augustine then
announced that we should all begin arranging our
transportation. Katie got up and Paul shot me a glare, he
knew I was trying to save her from him. I responded with a
simple, “Leave her alone.” and walked away. Trino decided
to ask her anyway, and she gave him the dreaded, “I’ll
think about it.” Which basically translates to “No,” but in
a nice way. It was Paul, I just know it was something he
said. I am going to talk with Katie on Tuesday at rehearsal
about Paul and tell her about that way he is with girls.
The title of this entry makes no sense as of now, does
it? Sorry, my fault. Well, here it is, I am sick, I have
been for about 2 weeks now. Not a flu or cold sick, but
more like, dying sick. NO, I have not been diagnosed with
any fatal diseases. My body just seems to be shutting down
quiet frequently now. I haven’t been able to sleep more
than 2 hours a night for the last week and a half, and my
throat is killing me. That is my biggest concern, because I
have to sing in the show, and it has been extremely
difficult these past two shows. I have been complimented
by many people on my performance, so I think I did okay. At
least, I hope so
Well, it is about time for me to go, so until next time.

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