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2002-04-28 18:04:07 (UTC)

david again

you know whats funny
is that i feel like i have to save david
i have this feeling that somethings going to happen to him
if i dont interfere
and its not going to be a good thing

and whats sad is that
i still love him
and i still let him put me through all the pain he puts me
and im still attached
i just cant get over him
its almost as if he crossed over to the dark side
and broke all his promises
ALL his promises
every single on of them
maybe id have to change myself
to get a hold of him
but i dont know what i can do to change him
because i heard he does drugs and man
i dont want david to be fucked up
its david
the superhero
i used to have a nickname for him
i remember i was something like stupid boring ugly girl or
we would fight crime
maybe david only talks to pretty girls
and only has pretty friends
and maybe im not pretty enough?
i know im not SOMETHING enough
and i know he sees
me trying to get to him
but he ignores me
its terrible
to see everyone i loved
everyone i grew up with
my family
submit to all these terrible things
and watch them waste away
see them every day
come to school with bloodshot eyes
its terrible
to watch them shrivel up
screw their lives up
and have no say whatsoever
its terrible when they wont listen
when they wont open their ears
when youre screaming and crying
and they just turn away
and close their ears
so as not to hear
and its terrible that
no matter how hard you try
you cannot have any influence
no matter how many tears flow
theyre wasted
on someone
who doesnt care anymore
and its terrible
when they break every single promise
that they have ever made to you
without so much as a care
as to how much it hurts you
and its terrible when
you still care
and you still want to help
and they peirce your heart
with a jagged sword
and shake it around
and pull it out
and everything inside feels hollow
but something stays
and makes you want to go hug
whoever did that to you
it makes you want to have things
back the way they were before
where it was paradise
and where you werent crying inside
with no visable
with no visable signs
of pain
no blood. only salt
and water.

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