ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-04-28 17:36:08 (UTC)

How I Spent my 420...

well i know 420 was last weekend and i kno i havent written
in here in like forever...but im lazy..ive already
established that in past entries.

well on the splendid day of 4/20 in the year of are lord
2002...i awoke by the voice of my father yelling it was
time to get up..i glance at my clock...7 am..i sighed and
covered my head with a pillow but he persisted in gettin me
up..he said we were goin kayaking so i dragged myself out
of bed and got a shower to invigorate me.well i got ready
and we sparked up a bowl..then it was off to my dad's
friend,Ted's house to get a kayak for me.Well i learned how
to hook up not just one, but two! kayaks to a
trooper..haha.then we went out to the lake..Kayaking is
very kewl..it takes a bit to get used to and its killer on
the arms...but its such a good workout and very
relaxing.well it started to rain so we got off the water
and had to load everything up in the pouring cold rain.then
i went home and ate sum left over chinese...mmm sooo
good.well i took a nap and then woke up and got high
again..then my mom came home and i told her i had to meet
everyone at bobs at 9 cuz we were goin to Shindig and then
camping.she was kewl with it and we left to go look at
cars...i found a few nice ones and then we stopped at GABS
to look for sandals...i couldnt find any so we went over to
Ames..i found a really cute pair and then in the clothing
section i found this great african print skirt that was on
sale.so i went home and showered and at 9 i went to
bobs.sarah and mike and minnick met me and they said
crackhead and seth and them were gettin last minute
supplies.well chad showed up and he decided he was gonna go
camping too.so we went to crackheads and met reath and them
and then we headed to Flintstone.well we end up goin
through this winding bumpy road in the woods with all these
NO TRESPASSING signs to get to our site.well i bumped up
sum of minnicks K and then we procedded to try and walk
down this huge wooded mountain with all our gear...halfway
down i slip into my k-hole and i kinda slid and tumbled
down to our spot.so we built a fire and got everything
situated.we all packed into the tent to take bong hits and
i grabbed a couple beers...the night was just everyone
hanging by the fire and what not..gettin high and drinking
beers.minnick got in a deep k-hole and wandered off into
the woods for a bit.well crackhead wouldnt stop making fun
of ginger and finally she threw a chair at him and busted
his lip...that kinda put a damper on the rest of the night
cuz everyone was fighting..well around 530 minnick and
butters and them left..me,crackhead,and seth decided to
stay up till the beer was gone.then i crawled into a empty
cold tent and tried to sleep for an hour or so...i was
awokened to the sound of rain and alicia yelling for me to
get up.we had to mad dash and get the tents down and
everything packed and up the mountain before the storm got
really bad.bah i had stayed up for 29 hours and only gotten
1 hour and 45 minutes to compansate for it.well we all
stuffed into reaths car and when i got hoem i was fucking
out...i slept all day...and that my friends was my 4/20
camping excursion