Shit happens
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2002-04-28 17:23:06 (UTC)

sick of bein the 3rd wheel

wots it like 2 b a friend. i forgotten. wen u hav friends u
all hav 2 put an effort in2 making the friendship work...
my lifes soo complicated at the moment. i hav really mixed
up feelings wit my best m8 (not the lesbian 1's 4 all u
sickos out there) i dont feel like shes puttin ne effort
in2 our friendship since she started goin out wit her b/f.
yet she just txt me 2 ask if i got home alrite which proves
in sum minute way she still cares.... but if she still
cared y does she ignore me all the time... we used 2 go out
@ the weekend but we hardly ever do ne more nd wen we do
its usually wit her b/f 2...


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