the story of my life...
2001-05-31 14:20:15 (UTC)

May 31, 2001 10:15 AM

Hello, Diary. Hello everyone! First time "online-diary
writer" here. Here I will tell the world about me, my life,
and all my problems... enjoy!

First we'll have some info on me:
Name: Roxi, short for Roxanne
Loc: Florida
Age: 15, almost 16!
Fav colors: black, pink

yeah i think thats all i'll tell ya... lol

Today i'm going to the movies and the beach w/ mah
girls... jennifer (jenjen), whitney (whit), shannon(shay),
mali (malibu), lindsey (liz) and some of our guy friends,
kyle, kelly, chris, jeff, and trent, and luke.

I'm so happy that kelly will be there... i like him so
much! lol! the girls are gonna "arrange" it so i can sit by
kelly in the movies... and i have my new sexy bikini to
wear at the beach... kelly will be mine, no matter what!

Well i'm hungry, so i'm gonna go grab some breakfast, and
then i hafta get ready... the movie is at 12! i'll write
another entry in my diary when i get back. 'til then...

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