a dusty book in a forgotten hole
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2002-04-28 12:09:39 (UTC)

well .. hey i could jsut be insain rihgt?

.. well.. lets see.. the choice are now.. anxiety attack..
asthma.. or i ahve mental problems because of me past..
ha.. this is great. .what chocie i ahve .. what problems
shall befall me with each.. at least with two of them.. i
have some who cares about me to help.. i'm guessing it is
the third one.. ebcusae apertly i ahve a bunch o' things in
my past that need dealing wiht that have not been..
(tehehe?) i dont know anymore.. but i guess i need to fix
taht rihgt ? (right) thank you subconsouse for that
blatatly obvouse answer. hmm.. yeah so .. he is gogin to
bring me to therapy.. something my parents have not given
me though i ahve asked... i amy go once .. but more.. i
dotn know .. hte funding woudl be the problem and .. well..
if i dont get this job i am trying to get.. i wont ahve any
money soonish either.. grrr.. but well.. if that happens i
jsut wont go.. unfortunatly i am a bit to stubborn.. to
well. let me friend pay for it... but i ust be off.. have
church soon.. and need to eat a small bite of something
ebfor i am whisked away..

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