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2001-05-31 13:14:27 (UTC)


Today was not a fun day...
HOT AS HELL!! Running errands..feel like I'm runing around
like a chicken with no head..aint that something...yea,
well same old bullshit again...except this friday i will be
taking a trip...once again its like 3AM! can't sleep what
the hell is wrong with me? My back is killing me...We'll
today discovered my fall semester is hella screwed...Im
just so many things to worry about...ugh!
when will it stop? Hopefully things will get brighter...

Big day tomorrow...must drive here drive this
pay tired of living the double
life...hehe...we'll just put that to rest for awhile...

We'll won't be seeing Mr. A for about a week..YAY!! get
away from that...the thing i hate the most we both work at
the same place which totally sucks...i just hate seeing the
fool happy...i just hope a job will be leaving a message on
my answering place looks like shit but o-well...

well tried calling Mr.C but daym never ever fall for
military i swear..the only time you get to really spend
time with them is on fri nite - sunday nite..grrr!...

n this sucks been wanting to call Jaysen but stupid me i
lost his number...i guess ill just keep waiting unless he's
out at sea? hmm...

oh please let the days be better with less errands to
run...being single 2o years old...hella sucks nards y0...

but on the brighter side im off for the next 5 days nice
get away but daym i need the money..i hope everyone pulls
thru tonite...plans are to go to players get drunk then hit
the clubs to do a little bootie shakin...hey maybe i might
see Mr.C...yay..daym got my monthly friends so no ge'in
kinkiy for the next week daym =( ...

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