The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-04-28 09:42:05 (UTC)

get the Fear at after prom

As I write this, my dog is asleep in the living room. His
life reminds me of simpler times, back before all my worries
about college, my senior paper, dating, etc. What I would
give to see the days again when I could fritter away summer
in days of endless laziness.

Anyway, I just got back from the After Prom shindig at the
school. No, I didn't go the prom; the girl I asked couldn't
go. She was going to the After Prom, however, and so I went
in hopes both of seeing her and of maybe winning one of the
door prizes. Needless to say, neither of those took place,
but at least I learned a valuable lesson: never sacrifice
two and a half hours of your life for the remote possibility
of winning a Gamecube.

After visiting Case Western Reserve University for a second
time, I've finally made my college decision. Assuming all
things remain constant financially, I'll be heading off to
the University of Rochester. It's good to have the decision
out of the way, but now I have to do the paperwork.

Still don't have a job for the summer, though I haven't been
doing much towards that end. Once I hack through my senior
paper, take my computer science final, and get the AP exam
for Calculus out of the way, then I'll be able to focus on
finding employment. Seems like everything happens at the
same time; end of April and early May.

Whatever the case, I'm trying for something computer-related
in terms of a job. It's tough to say what my chances are,
as most of the IT and computer tech places around here don't
seem to have any shortage of staff. However, there are some
retail opportunities available to me now that I'm seventeen
and will soon have spare time, so it's probably time for me
to start filling out applications.

On other fronts, I think it's pretty safe for me to give up
on any possibilities of dating in high school. Not going to
the prom kind of marks me as a loser, at least socially. In
truth, I'm really not happy with the way my life has played
out so far. It's all well and good to be going to college,
probably major in computer science, make loads of money when
I enter the workforce, but really, what does that get me?

All I want is some real companionship, maybe a girlfriend,
or even just a good friend who happens to be a girl. I get
sick of hanging out with other guys all the time. Could be
I'm just being too picky; after all, I can't expect to find
a girlfriend if I must have something in common with her.

This is Dave, signing off.