It smells like poop over here
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2002-04-28 08:25:10 (UTC)

got a machine head, it's better than the rest

i don't even really care all that much for bush. im only
hear to document our first ever, Great Lakes All Pro
Wrestling Independent Wrestling show. it was a success!
only about 30 tix presold, but about 115 showed up! that's
pretty damn good for an indy show, and the crowd was
totally into it. they popped for everything! nick gave rich
a head scissors in they're match, explosive reaction! i
loved it, i got to watch to of my best friends make their
pro wrestling debuts against each other. the match was
kinda slow, but sooo cool.
it was about 3 minutes to 8, (bell time at 8) and bobo
says "do you know how to ref?" so i got to ref 4 matches! i
got to do more than security. it was kinda hard remember
each finish for each match, but it was ok. kinda nerve
racking, i wasn't sure what to do. i just tried to give
consistant counts (which i guess i didn't do) and stay out
of the wrestlers way. nate janulis didn't kick out after a
2 count, that kinda scared me, but he got it up after a
second. travis and pete cristy had a sweet match that i got
to ref, and after that, i got to sign 2 autographs, (as
A.J. St. Michael of course). I had people yelling at me for
getting in the faces of the faces too much so i guess i did
my job.
I had a lot of fun in the upstart players vs. ebony
express match, it was pat and matt's first match, but they
handled it like veterans and that was the only match i
really enjoyed and had confidence in. i thought i did a
good job, and the ebony express (reggie marley and jq
public) kept apologizing, being like "man, i hope you don't
think im an asshole for getting up in your face and
yelling at you." but it was cool, cause i knew it was a
show, and they're really good. they said i was the best ref
in the world and i was the best ref they've had. i know
they were just trying to make me feel good, and they did.
i'd gladly ref for them again. the ladder match was sweet,
michael stryker did a picture perfect asai moonsault. i
didn't get to ref that match, but i watched most of it. i
really wanna go to more indy shows over the summer. i can't
wait till i can make my debut, it's gonna be scary as hell.
i hope i can do it.