Meshed Up
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2002-04-28 05:21:01 (UTC)


i want a webcam. and a digital camera. i want my own domain
name as well without having to pay for it.

i just wanna make my presence known on the net.

ever since i came here to melbourne, i've become more
addicted to the net. i turn on the computer when i wake up,
when i come home, before i go to bed...etc. okay, as long
as i'm home, i'm online.

right now i should be doing work...but i'm just itching to
write again. and please please..somebody tell me where i
can get my FREE domain name.

okay i'm going back to work. i wish i had more knowledge
about the internet so i can add some stuff onto my website.
it's getting a bit boring.

tata for now then. it's a cold and sunny day. my fingers
went numb this morning from the cold cold wind. absolutely