the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2002-04-28 04:07:28 (UTC)

hate this house

what do u do when u hate your parents somuch that u can not
stand the sight of them
I dunno what to do all I do know is I hate them so much i
wanna puke every time i walk into the room .. humm I dunno
just their presence makkes me angry ... espc. my mothers..
I don't understand what their deal is .. I am way to old
for spanking I am 17 years old for christ shakes I mean
don't they think I am going to put up a fight .. I dunno so
much drama that i really don't wanna deal with I jus wanna
move out and go on .. I mean they care more about the dog
than they do me .. it rediculas .. i hate it

I want them to go away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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