Ode to a psycho!HA!
2002-04-28 02:25:49 (UTC)

The Miss America Coed Beauty Pageant

So I decided to enter this pageant. I won't win, and i don't
expect to, but I need the experience to try to get ahead for
the Miss Fletcher Pageant next year. I've never done ne
before. It's actually kind of surprising, I've done so much,
and never performed in a beauty pageant. There's this girl
Ashlee Williss. She is like pageant queen, no pun intended.
She has this cd out, and granted she sings country, and has a
brain the size of a pin head. she's beautiful. insanely
beautiful. about 5'6", a perfect size 2, verly olive tan
complexion, dark hair that goes all the way down her back,
and glass blue eyes. If she does Ms. Fletcher she is probably
my biggest competition. Not including the fact that I'm not a
cheerleader, I won't suck up to someone to make them like me,
and I'm not exactly all that coordinated. As much as I hate
to say it, man, I need a drink.