24% pure
2002-04-28 02:00:16 (UTC)

aahhh... abberations

..in my cornea, in my mind.. what more can I ask for than a
handful of abberations? ha ha oh ho ho

Wavefront is coming. Time to start a piglet bank for my
newly transformed eye hemispheres. Considering that I'm
over -800 diopters, damn. I must be legally blind.

Shelly's talking compulsively about human rights again,
about how guilty she feels for sitting around doing nothing
while people are fixing the world up all over. I don't
know if that is a deliberate remark to make me feel bad
about me settling only as a sonographer. I got Doctors Without
Borders to tend to later.

We're growing apart. She took up another direction and
seem to be experiencing a lot more than I am. My life's
pretty stagnant. Some people will look down on that being
so sheltered from the world. What right does that give
them? I don't have the money to travel around the world or
to get multiple educations. I will be just happy if I can
fix my head so I can have firm grounding of reality. Damn
the head shrinkers and psychotropics.

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