The Fallen and Damned
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2002-04-28 00:56:14 (UTC)

boobs and vampyre scare tactics

vampyre scaring tactics : bite someone and make slurping noises!


i was wandering around at night , people kept trying to talk
to me , they wouldnt shut up
then there was a gang of people, teenagers i suppose and
they were going to get me but i ninja'd them and their
little trick bikes, and then i was throwing people really
far, it was cool,this one person whom i coudlnt manage to
kill i jumped on and i bit her neck really hard, and she
thought i was a vampyre and that i was killing her, so that
is how victory came i guess. . . . . strange

see seemed like the person from mulholand drive, camila,
thats strage.... kind of funny,,,,, i ronic perhaps . .. .
yes ironic very . , ,, , , ,

i need new boobs... the ones i have are too big... the
dresses i was trying on for prom didint fit me right around
my chest they all said, yey look how nicely i slim your
hips, and look how elegantly i play your waist, and
ahhhhhhhhhhh helpppp helllllppppppppppp killller
boooooobbbbbssss ahhhhhhhh toooooo biiiigggg caaaannnnt
streach ......any........farther!......

damn........ im begiing to know what sommer feels like,
disporportion of a size medium waist size large hips and a
size galaxy br........well any sucks .........vent
vent vent.......but i couldnt act upset over my weight
because sara was t here, and that would be
insensitive............ errg - i hope the countessa
hurries up with my dress, im getting anxious !!!!!!

god save the queen