2002-04-27 23:30:37 (UTC)

God loves you.....

Just got in.. Emily went to work with me since i was
working on the east department today. It went pretty well.
We chugged drinks, walked around, did work ofcourse,
listened to music, read, wrote, talked a lot.. and even got
online. It would be kool to bring a laptop out there and
connect it up.
My cold is much better. I need to take some more medicane.
I keep having to blow my nose all day.. YUCKS!!!!! Blah..
God is good.. i thank Him for the healing.
Okay, what i need you guys to do.. is let me know how many
of you read this diary.. I already know a few.. but not
certain who really reads it.. so please let me know soon.
[email protected]
Okay, well Erik is a sweetheart. I miss him.. i feel so bad
that he doesn't seem to know how much he is cared for.. he
thinks that IIIIII think that all he wants from me is a
bang.. but i don't think that.. i know him. He is truer*SP?*
than that.
Well, Kelsey is here for the night. We all were gonna go to
the movies, but i think we're just gonna rent one and stay
here. We'll probably watch it in the gurl's room. Yay!
it's always fun that way, lol
I have SOOO got to study more. OH! And my SAT test is the
4th of May! THEN i have my graduation on the 5th!!!!! Mom
told me today that i have to wear a blue graduation robe
and a
I was mortified! I had all planned a beautiful dress!
Ahhh.. i will look like a terrible, big, fat blueberry!
hahahahahaha But i felt MUCHO better when Mom said that i
could sit down with the crowd on the front row until it was
time to get my diploma.. YES:)! PRAISE GOD! I thought i
would have to sit up there and look so bad! Ahh.. praise
God, praise GOD, praise GOD.Praise GOD through tha hard
times... yeah yeah.. i shoulda done that more.....
Lordy Lord.....
We're having "sloppy joe's" for our Saturday night
dinner... hehe.. want some?
Well, i went to today and man.. it's one of my
favorite clothes places, so you know i had a good time. I
LOVE SUMMER CLOTHES:)! SO FUN! I don't use a credit card,
so i am just gonna buy stuff there in person... next
week. :D! Kangol is great..... they really should have a
good gurl's line of stuff.
Mom looks soo comfy in her nightgown. Don't ya just loove
getting all changed and lounging around the house!?
God loves you.....