They Say Vision
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2002-04-27 22:46:15 (UTC)

i am pms-ing.. thats all....

i am feeling damaged.. i feel my life crawling from
underneath me.
i hate feeling this way.. i know it's all gonna be ok.
maybe it's just
today. cause when she's around it's ok. but today it's not
i need to stop and wipe the tears away. i feel unwanted.
don't feel
sorry for me. i know i am wanted. i know i am loved. but
how can
you be sure. i don't know what i am writing. i don't know
what my
mind is saying. My thoughts are so alone. but so clattered.
can i
satisfy anyone. i am not writing this for anyone. i am
writing this for
myself. This isn't meant to be taken bad. but i wonder if
anyone would
die for me. how the hell do you know when you have found
the one.
how do you know that this is it. you could have let your
soul mate
pass by one day. you could kiss the wrong lips. I need to
be loved
to much. what if i have it all in front of me. what if i am
just blind. maybe
i know. but i am just afraid to show it. or maybe i don't
want too. maybe
i am naive. and foolish. i have been through it all. and i
am only 19 but i
need it all now! i have a girl. i have a good life. and i
hope this is all right..

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