a little piece of me
2002-04-27 21:56:17 (UTC)

not sure what's going on

finally back from my parents house. had a strange
weekend. first, hadn't taken my meds in a couple of days.
i started getting really sick last night. i think i was
having withdrawals. started up again today. blah.

then, mom suddenly has a huge problem with turtle and i
living together. she cried all weekend and told me 'i
raised you better than this', and gave me the going to hell
speech. sorry she feels that way, but i'm still going to
do it. i need to stop trying to make everyone else happy
all the time and make myself happy for a change. eh.

what else? you know, there were several things i was going
to write about, but now i just don't care. didn't get to
talk to turtle last night :(. i miss him a lot. hopefully
he's feeling better. such a great guy. i'm so lucky to
have found him. just a couple weeks and i can see him
again. i'm going to try to talk him into coming to my
graduation. that would be awesome. then i'd get to see
him in less than 2 weeks. we'll see.

ok, i'm tired and i have a lot of shit that needs to be
done by monday morning. take care.