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2001-05-31 05:25:05 (UTC)

not circle: spiral... but which way am i going?

walking into a room in time for the punchline to a joke
reading the second half of an epic
a conversation with myself

why wasnt i there? where was i? who?... was i?

i want to feel the birth of out hero, ourselves, myself

understand the punchline and feel the anger, the
adrenaline, the reason. i want to know why and how and
no one wants to tell a joke backwards. where was i?
in font of me like an assigned passage, but i never do my


my HONEYWELL hums. it was there, here when i was where?
but it just hums.
it wont tell me the joke. it knows its own guilt.
ignorance is bliss is intended. dont be fooled by

and CV sang and i listened....... to the rhythm, was my
bliss intended? do i fear the truth? like a soldiers'
mother, i know the cliche is cliche for a reason. But i
still failed. i only heard rhythm. adrenaline for what?

maybe the hum from the HONEYWELL says more than i thought.

nah--it's just as useless as me.

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