Meshed Up
2002-04-27 20:11:06 (UTC)

climbing moments

it's 5.49am and i don't understand why i'm awake. i slept
at 9pm last night hoping to wake up at 8am today. god knows
why i'm awake at 5 in the morning. yup i've been up since
5.00. i just procrastinated for a while in bed, staring up
at the ceiling, feeling the cold bite my feet... i
definitely need a warmer blanket. a comforter to be more
exact. i have to save up to get myself a nice decent
comforter...with goose feathers. winter is just around the

my arms aren't so sore anymore. my fingers aren't so weak
as well. i remember climbing up a level 11 wall where i
have to stretch my entire body a lot. step on a rock here,
step on another rock waaaay over there, reach for another
rock far up, and grab another rock on thiis end. oh mann..i
couldn't even make it halfway up the wall. maybe i'm just
too short...maybe i'm just not stretched enough.

i slipped...swung around and hit a belayer real hard. oh
crap. i cussed and kept apologizing while i swung. a friend
of mine grabbed my lower legs to prevent me from swinging
around even more.

'trying to be funny candice?'

that's what one of my friends said when i hit the belayer.
i was still in a bad mood then, so i snapped, 'i'm not
trying to be funny. don't be an ass.'

'you almost killed someone!'

this other friend climbed up the level 11 wall...and she
was almost at the top, her body contorted in all sorts of
different angles, when she suddenly yelped and
shouted, 'aarrgghh! i got a butt cramp!!!'

medical student couldn't climb up a level 7 wall even after
all of us finished climbing it. it was really interesting.
he was so disgraced. i was belaying for another girl (who
was climbing that wall) with him just sitting on the floor
looking so dejected. i grinned at him and said, 'so...' and
he gave me the middle finger.

so our hands really stinked (or stank??) after grabbing
onto those rocks where a lot of people sweated on and
stepped upon. but it was good fun. good fun.

the next time i go there, i'm going to try that level 11
wall again. and perhaps, attempt a level 15. i still have
to save up since climbing is a bit expensive.

6.10am now. maybe i'll try to go to sleep for another 2