They Say Vision
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2002-04-27 19:43:33 (UTC)

Angelina Jolie!!!!!!!1

so Eryn, me and stormy all went to go see Life or somthing
like it.. yea that movie rocked my world.. she was so
beautiful.. and so damn cute.. I think they liked it too..
then we went to eryns and had WAY to much to drink.. I will
not get into any details.. but it was some crazy night..
thats all i am gonna say.. we kept playing truth or dare..
and of course they had to pick on me.. But yea.. it was a
fun night.. but i left early this morning while eryn was
asleep on the couch after she told me she would sleep in
the bed with me.. but No... i guess she doesn't want to
sleep in the same bed.. so i need to tlak to jen.. but she
isn't on.. Oh well.. not improtant i guess... so there is
this song called seeing red.. yea it's a sad song.. i like
it alot though.. but i am gonna go now..


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