My life
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2002-04-27 18:51:57 (UTC)


Hey! whats up? well this wkend has been fun i guess..Friday
i Had alex n marissa over and Marissa broke up w/ eric and
now shes going out w/ matt..nways matt n her wrote a note
back n forth to each other about me and brant and matt said
that brant hates me and that im ugly and i have buck teeth
and he dosent want me nemore.. Ok,,,so when i was reading
it brett and sterling came to the door and i told brett
about it and he went to brants house w/ marissa n sterling
and likes brant got a bat (becuz he is just gay like that)
and sterling grabbed a steel bat and a cro bar and brant
was like Im kidding lalala and so they were like ya come
to caseys w/ us,, bc brett was going to hit brant for me
but brant didnt..but last night brant said none of that
stuff was true and hhe was sry that i thought that all of
it was true and i didnt feel good so he gave me his
sweater, i still have it,, me n krueger got close last eX! haha!!! neways i gg luv ya