Dreaming Of Everything
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2002-04-27 18:39:17 (UTC)


*Sigh* Alright people, for whoever is reading this
thing..I have devised a system to help me lose some
pounds...actually Kristen Connolley and I came up with it
last night. She started the idea by sayin we should go
running during the summer, starting like the week after we
get outta school. I made up a plan where every other day
when I don't run, I lift weights and do other stuff like
Tae Bo or aeorbics or somethin..on the days that I run/walk
(for now) I work on my abs. This morning I lifted some and
my legs and ass hurt like a mofo. lol. I'm hurtin! lol. So
ne ways..I don't know what else to talk about..my mom and
my brother came home from the grocery store, and I still
haven't gotten the DVD that I ordered 4 weeks ago!!! IS IT

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