2002-04-27 18:05:51 (UTC)

April 27th, 2002... 12:55

Hey. I'd like to start off by saying that I prabobaly won't
be able to write anything for atleast a week. I will then
come back with pages and pages of writing I bet. I'm moving
supposabaly tomorrow so I won't be able to put the computer
together all to soon. We still don't know where it is going
to fit.

Which brings me to a point. When we made our most recent
visit there, we put some things in the house and I saw that
they were measuring some stuff. Unfortunately for them,
they took only a few measurements. I on the other hand,
instead of playing the guessing game and loosing terribaly,
I measured my whole room, and am gonna be off to measure my
furniture to see what will fit where, and what has to go.
Gotta go now. Chow!!!