Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-04-27 18:01:45 (UTC)


The Sadie Rae.
Damn, I've been watching too much of the Twilight Zone.

Hoorah. I'm bored..and was upset and so I decided to write
out my poems on here.
I'm throwing away my poem book, because my poems are crap,
and no one's going to read them here, so..

Sadie Rae was an odd sort of kid
People called her creepy, her parents called her morbid
The kids in the playground teased little Sadie
The next day their insides were served up by the lunch lady
Sadie was the only one who knew
Until one day behind a tree was found a shoe
Suspision shifted to Sadie who denied everything
The very next morning the investigater heard his doorbell
He got up and answered to see Sadie Rae
She smiled sweetly and was invited in to play games
Cluedo was first and the investigater was winning
Sadie soon put an end to that and shot him
Sadie has now changed her wicked ways
Instead of dark and lonely ones
She has mainly happy days
Sadie has hated living with this secret
And she finally feels she can not keep it
She decided to tell me so she could be free
Free from the guilt, lies and secrecy
She's a nice little girl
And I'm nice too

I think I've already written this one.And I hate it!
The yellow bricks will save me
Hanging from the wall
Click my heels one more time
Back to Cinderellas ball
Falling out of glass slippers
Falling to the floor
Falling down the spiral stars
Staring at the door
My neck is broken, I'm in shock
But Snow White doesn't care
The people they all stare at my
My long black greasy hair
As I am dying slowly
The dwarves they come and go
They hit my on the forehead
And burried me under snow.

That one is horrible. It was because of the Disney projects
at school. Disney every day of the school week, then the
week after that, and the week after that.

This is absolute shite too.
Nothing ever happens
I'm always bored and upset
I do try to be happy
What I give is what I get
I do my home work and read
Put on my makeup, cover my face
But what I really need
Is to get out of this place
I'd kill for fun
Make them hurt
Kick them when they're down
Rub their faces in the dirt
I don't need them
They're nothing to me
If only they would die
I could live happily

This is just what I did when I was bored, and my mum was
talking about names on the phone...
A is for Amber who died of a terrible disease
B is for Ben who ate the scabbs off his knees
C is for Chris who choked to death
D is for Danny who used too much meth
E is for Eddie whofell from a tree
F is for Florence who was murdered by me
G is for Gary who killed himself
H is for Harry who was shot for his wealth
I is for Ivan who sliced off his foot
J is for Julie who was hung by her gut
K is for Kyle who couldn't stand life
L is for Lee who swallowed a knife
M is for Mark who was hot by his gun
N is for Nina who died for her son
O is for Oscar who dived in head first
P if for Polly who died giving birth
Q is for Quentin who told too many lied
R is for Robert who just simply never survived
S is for Seth who sliced open his throat
T is for Tommy who fell from a boat
U is for Uri whowas murdered by Seth
V is for Vincent who was beaten to death
W is for Willie who was strapped to a bomb
X is for Xena who believed she was strong
Y is for Yara who was eaten alive
Z is for Zak, the only one to survive